Tuesday, 24 May 2022

 The revenue moves via PEC (from the next 1st July)

The Italian revenue is still renewing: from next 1st July will start a new experiment. In fact, the tax assessment will be notified via Certified Electronic Mail. The Income Revenue Authority which will introduce this new control mode, has models to send the request for notification of the acts via PEC already made available.

All this with a view to simplifying procedures and greater availability of services to taxpayers, to which Government and Authority are devoting a lot of attention. Let's see who are the recipients of the service. It will be automatic for all assessments directed to professionals and companies (holders of VAT numbers), which the law requires to have a PEC. Instead, it will be discretionary for private taxpayers (not registered for VAT), which must explicitly express their desire to receive communications via PEC, through the appropriate forms.

So, people who by law are recipients of acts or mandatory notifications (individual enterprises, companies and professionals), will receive all of the tax notices to the PEC address transmitted to INI-PEC, the national index of certified electronic mail addresses. Starting from next 1st July. The intention of the Authority which has introduced this service, was to benefit and make life easier for taxpayers: avoid wasting time at desks and especially avoid losing important documents and communications, with the advantage of speed and gratuitousness of notifications via PEC.

Before the 1st July, it will remain in force the traditional discipline.


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