Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Start up: learning from failure

The net has become an inexhaustible source not only of information, but also of lessons. And above all, by now its use as a means of promotion is outdated. A new and innovative participatory and “training”platform," is an example of unexpected uses. It's called Collapsed, created by Aaron Kazah, a young Londoner programmer, and tells the stories of business which failed. Someone has already called it the start-up cemetery, but it seems more an analysis of case histories in reverse: do not study the successes but the failures. In particular, those of start up. To not make the same mistakes. The didactic “making a mistake we learn”, lives to new glory. It seems, in fact, that 80% of innovative activity will not last more than three years.

The young creator collects the proofs of unsuccessful start up (for the moment they are mainly American, but are increasing), and publish them on his website. Who wants to tell his story enrolls and tells his story, with links, documents and data for download: year of opening and closing, number of employees, team characteristics, profiles of the founders, received funding. Among the main causes of failure: the inability to be competitive in their own market, the unsustainability of their business model, inadequate products and services, legal issues, too much ambition of the inventors, too high fixed costs, uncertain and not programmable revenues. A really useful idea.



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