Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Goodbye voucher: what changes

The Senate yesterday approved the law amendment of Legislative Decree n. 25 that deletes all vouchers in all sectors. Parliament approved the text by avoiding the referendum required by the labor unions, scheduled for the next 28th May. Actually, the High Court will decide whether the new decree has annulled the arguments of the referendum.


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The revenue moves via PEC (from the next 1st July)

The Italian revenue is still renewing: from next 1st July will start a new experiment. In fact, the tax assessment will be notified via Certified Electronic Mail. The Income Revenue Authority which will introduce this new control mode, has models to send the request for notification of the acts via PEC already made available.



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It's (almost) time for tax returns: let's clear the mind


 Last 4th April, the Income Revenue Authority in tandem with CAF (Tax Advice Centers) Nazional Chamber has released a maxi circular of 324 pages, with information and clarification on the correct compilation of 2017 tax declarations. The maxi guide, available from next 18th April, aimed at help professionals and contributors to dissolve any doubts that they may encounter during Model 730 processing.    




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Open an online business: how to make


Today we want to give you some tips if you intend to open your own crafts business, supported by an e-commerce site. The web, in fact, offers numerous opportunities to sell creations directly online, creating real brand.



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Extended the scrapping Equitalia

Just approved by the Environment Committee of the House the extension for scrapping of Equitalia tax assessments, inserted as amendment to the Earthquake Decree.



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Start up: learning from failure 

The net has become an inexhaustible source not only of information, but also of lessons. And above all, by now its use as a means of promotion is outdated. A new and innovative participatory and “training”platform," is an example of unexpected uses. It's called Collapsed, created by Aaron Kazah, a young Londoner programmer, and tells the stories of business which failed. 


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Abolished the Labour voucher: referendum was stopped

Approved last Friday (March the 17th) the decree of the government abolishing the Labour vouchers, then the institution of accessory work. The Law is also abolishing restrictions on solidal liability in contracts, deleting by a single measure, the two questions of the referendum expected next May the 28th.




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Waiting for the Labour voucher Law, comes the referendum date

Just announced the date of the referendum which should abolish the labour vouchers (set for next May the 28th), the parliamentary process of the reform is speeding up. There is urgent need to approve a measure reforming the sector, and that puts the on-a-war-footing labour unions on the same page. Rumors of important members of the government say that they would like the Law, currently in at Labour Committee of House of Lords, definitively approved on Friday (tomorrow!). And to avoid the challenge of the referendum, some even speak of the possibility of a Law Decree, given the extraordinary nature and the urgency of the situation. But it is not necessarily the only possible solution.

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