Saturday, 20 August 2022
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We provide our clients with innovative soluzions, in compliance with regulations, permanently attentive to business and market evolution, ensuring, over time, efficiency and results.
Claudio Armeni
Senior Partner & Managing Director


Building solutions, giving chance, project, future and new wealth again: this is A&M mission next to companies to give support and assistance, answers and new value. To renew, create opportunities and identity: we provide the skills of our professionals to reach best goals, in every branch of business development.

Our goal is to transmit skills to give points of view, provide services to get results. What matters is to support producers looking for a reliable, responsible, innovative and innovator partner.

A&M has always sustained and supported companies to spread its corporate culture focused on innovation, change, responsibility and ethics towards the market, clients and territory. A&M wants to build value by taking the growth opportunities, being aware of needs and requirements companies themselves aren’t able to catch.




Roma - Via Sicilia, 50
Milano - Via T. da Cazzaniga, 9/6
Chiasso - Corso S. Gottardo, 14
Sofia - Dunav, 33
Bucarest - Bulevardul Unirii, 63
Miami - 201 South Biscayne BLVD. STE 2807
Londra  1, East Poultry Avenue - EC1A 9PT 
New York:  420 Lexington Avenue #2456



HR, Accounting and Tax Services


Via Sicilia, 50
00187 - Rome


    tel +39 06 87768288
     tel +39 06 62209393